Hello everyone I hope you all are doing great. Today I am going to talk about how you can deploy and test your JAX-RS rest API to a tomcat server using command line. But keep in mind you will need Eclipse at some point(To create dynamic web application and export into a WAR file).

Some of you may ask Why do I need to do this?

Answer for that question is simple, Let’s say you are using microservice architecture to create your backend. And you have chosen Java (JAX-RS) as your stack. For that you will need eclipse. That point…

In earlier days knowing HTML, CSS and some JavaScript is more than enough to build a website. But everything has changed over the time. JavaScript has become one of the most popular programing language among the web developers. And also it has became the back bone of the web development world.

First let’s talk about the traditional approach of the web development. If the web site is a static it only contains some HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Beyond those things if it is a dynamic website it has a web server and a connectivity to a database. For example let’s…

We all heard about git. Every day millions of developers all around the world use git to manage their codes. So let’s break a part this git and understand how this amazing technology works.

Git is a version control system developed by Linus Torvalds who also found Linux kernel. In simple words git is like super man that can save/manage/organize our works as snapshots. Let’s say if you are developing a application and you want to manage the different version of it. Simply you can put the source code into different folders like below.

Is this efficient? Not really. So…

In this article let’s briefly talk about inheritance concept in JavaScript, how it’s different from other programming languages such as Java or C++. SO without further do let’s dive into it.


“Inheritance is the process by which genetic information is passed on from parent to child.”

If that definition did not made any sense take a look at this example. Think about your self. You are a child of your parents right? So anything they own(Most of them 🤪) are also yours. Actually this is Inheritance. SO how this concept used in the programing…

Hello everyone,

This is my very first medium article. I hope this article will help you to learn something new. So without further talk let’s get started.

First let’s talk about the Spring Boot part. In traditional approach we normally use an IDE(integrated development environment) like IntelliJ IDEA, vs-code, etc… to develop and build Spring boot application. So by clicking just a one button we get our application up and running on specific port. Like a magic the application get started right?

But that is not the case… There are lot of things going on the behind the scene. When…

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